Psykometrika started in 2006 as a research company. The founders, Professor Bo Ekehammar and Patrick Littorin, have long been active in recruiting and research on the success factors at work. They have for this reason also been critical of the test market and its seriousity. When they began studying and investigating the tests available on the market, they saw a gap. Most tests are old and not that accurate according to modern research. So they started to design the Psykometrika test battery.

Psykometrika means “Psychological Measurement”.

Through the use of modern research, we offer our clients a battery of tests and services that are at the forefront when it comes to taking advantage of new knowledge about what makes today´s employees perform. The test battery is measuring everything today´s scientists agree creates success in our working places; personality, intelligence, motivations, creativity, values etc. It consists of 17 different subtests that we have put together to a test battery that is fast, easy and reliable. The test battery is suitable in recruitment, selection, surveys or to create “success profiles”.

Our vision is to be an international leader in the development of knowledge about psychological measurement and thereby offer modern tools and services. Therefore Psykometrika also is participating actively in current research and debate.