Training and certification

in modern test theory



To become a certified user of Psykometrika’s test battery we implement a training program that includes the following elements:

A review of the market for psychological tests. Theory background and psychometrics, the difference between normative and ipsative tests. Reliability and validity. Presentation of Psykometrika’s test battery and concrete practice examples and cases. We go in depth with the subtests’ origin, history and background. We also review criteria to consider when selecting tests. We are also holding discussions on current research.

Time required for certification: 1.5 days

Day 1
Presentation of course objectives, participants and staff at Psykometrika
Psychological tests in its context
Personality and aptitude
Theory background and historical development
Normative and ipsative tests
Reliability and Validity
Why Psykometrika? Advantages and disadvantages
A review of the test battery and tutorials
Interpretation proposals
Ethical guidelines
FQuestions and general discussion

Day 2
Concrete examples from your own experience
Current research