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A success profile is a customized version of Psykometrika’s test battery. The aim of the profile is to streamline your organization's choice of work and reduce the proportion of recruiting the wrong people. The success profile usually consists of between 5-8 different subtests from the test battery.

To develop the success profile requires that mapping is completed on your business. Read more about the survey here.


Psykometrika has long experience of what is important for success in different occupations and industries. Choose to use one or more of our four ready-to-use modules from the test battery for screening purposes;

Performance and Capacity
Personality and Values
Attitude to work
Personality "BIG FIVE"

For more information about the content of each module, see Psykometrika’s test battery.

Would you choose subtests from our test battery, supplemented with, for example, knock-out questions or anything else, we can customize to your needs. Read more on other services.