Other consultant offers and services



We adapt our test battery for your needs and desires. Because it is built in modules, we can add and remove subtests. Maybe you want to supplement with a specific knowledge test, "knockout questions" and / or questions regarding "critical behaviors" and "critical situations"? Then we can smoothly integrate them into the test battery.


Second opinion is usually a combination of testing, interviews and taking of references. It is used for external recruitment when management does not have time or are unfamiliar with this type of assessment work, or at internal recruitment when it is deemed too sensitive to assess their own staff. Sometimes management also want to hire an outside expert to assess the individual's development potential and ability to cope with new challenges in connection with a reorganization, acquisitions or similar. It is difficult to objectively assess people you may think you know well.

We combine the test results with competency-based interviews, reference checks and review of the candidates' experience background. Feedback is to both candidate and client. If you want, we also request certificate of registry, etc. In this way we do work as an advisory board during the whole recruitment process based on the requirements the profile demands.

The purpose of second opinion is to relieve management and thus free up internal resources for other things.


We give lectures and hold "workshops" of popular topics such as personality tests, performance, prejudices, group dynamics, etc. We are also able to develop customized programs. Contact us for more information.