Survey on scientific ground

with your own organization as a norm


What characterizes your best employees? What type of talent and personality traits do they have in common? What is it that really makes them successful, or the opposite? By modern, scientific techniques we answer these questions for you, we help your business to better understand what to look for when you do internal or external recruitments. We identify your success factors on the basis of our test battery. This is done by sophisticated statistical analyses and cooperation between Psykometrika and your business.

The survey starts when we together identifies how the success or job performance is measured in your organization, perhaps it is the sales results for the salesperson or management assessments for other groups. In total, often 5-7 "soft" and "hard" criteria are developed. To maintain sufficient statistical evidence, as many as possible of your employees are then tested with our test battery while you are taking up their individual scores in all assessment criteria. Thereafter, the statistical analysis gives the key success factors on the basis of our test battery. Usually, it is between 5-10 different factors that are statistically significant, that is, capable of distinguishing the successful employees from the less successful. These factors are therefore not random or temporary, but statistically significant for success for the profession, the industry and / or your business.

The results of the survey can with advantage also be used in recruitment. We create success profiles, a kind of screening tests, which are based on what is important for your company. Read more here.

We can of course also do a more traditional type of mapping based solely on our test battery and without success criteria collected by the company. Examples of where this can be useful is when you only want to compare the various regional offices, want to get a deeper understanding of employees, or other situations that do not require an actual assessment of the employees.

In both types of surveys the results are compiled and presented in a written report, both at the group, departmental and individual level. We describe how the group looks today, possible competence gaps and if one should search for other competencies to meet the challenges that management has identified. At the individual level, we confidentially discuss the person's profile to better understand their potential and if specific support actions may be needed. The purpose of the surveys is usually to create a better basis for management. At a group level, the goal is to lay a foundation for a structured and strategic development. At the individual level, the objective is to support and coach each individual so that they better can understand themselves, their work and the company's future needs.