Our Tests

We have a large number of tests for various situations

Psykometrika´s products are developed based on modern research with a basis in psychometrics. While still maintaining quality and relevance, we offer an efficient set of tests that takes advantage of the latest knowledge about what makes today´s employees perform.

Complete test analysis

A test that analyzes 21 different factors

Executive test analysis

A test tailored for executives

Sales test

Testing relevant aspects of a sales representative

Service test

Testing relevant aspects of a service representative


Measure an individual´s maximum ability under time pressure

Big 5 and performance

Combines Big 5 with the performance test

Our Services

Our professional services team can provide assistance in the following areas


In depth analysis of management, functions or teams


We can tailor tests based on in depth analysis

Second opinion

Combination of testing, interviews and managing references


Towards becoming a certified user of Psykometrikas testing platform

Lectures and workshops

In popular topics such as personality tests, performance, prejudices, group dynamics, etc.

Our research

Psykometrika was founded by scientists and we develop the tests of the future

Our aim is to drive development of knowledge in psychological measurement. Therefore Psykometrika participate actively in the debate and research about psychometrics. Regularly we make a quality review of our subtests, and gradually improve and develop our services. We want to offer the market the most effective test battery that takes advantage of modern knowledge about what makes today's employees perform.

Our Clients

Some of the clients who have chosen to work with Psykometrika

About us


Psykometrika started in 2006 as a research company. The founders, Professor Bo Ekehammar and Patrick Littorin, have long been active in recruiting and research on the success factors at work.

Business idea

Through the use of modern research, we offer our clients a battery of tests and services that are at the forefront when it comes to taking advantage of new knowledge about what makes today´s employees perform.


Our vision is to be an international leader in the development of knowledge about psychological measurement and thereby offer modern tools and services.